Republic Polytechnic Singapore – A Campus-Wide Wireless Solution

The Challenge Republic Polytechnic Singapore (RP) wanted to provide its students and staff with a hi-tech interactive learning environment and to install an AV solution for its students and teaching staff. With over 725 classrooms and labs, 10,000 students and close to 1,000 teachers and staff, the AV solution was expected to be costly and therefore had to be future-proofed as much as possible to protect this initial investment. In addition, the AV solution had to integrate with existing projectors, computer platforms and AV equipment.

The Solution

WOW Vision’s proposal: A state of the art, next generation smart AV solution which is secure, reliable, easy to operate and maintain. WOW-Vision installed a wireless solution connecting the existing IT network and projectors to the VEOS device, thereby turning a ‘dumb’ projector into a smart projector, enabling HD movies to be streamed wirelessly, with 7.1 surround sound. As the solution was wireless, no VGA cabling was required. In addition, the VEOS device combines the matrix switcher, resolution scaler and touch panel into one unit, creating significant cost savings and a simple to use system. Because of these cost savings, RP was able to install the VEOS system across the whole campus - in all 728 teaching rooms and lecture theatres. From a maintenance perspective the system made good sense because VEOS had a remote management system enabling tracking of lamp life, remote control of projectors (on/off) and software upgrades as and when required. These features were attractive on an extensive project installation. Aside from the cost savings, quick and easy installation, and remote asset management, VEOS provided a host of functions that made the teaching process truly interactive. Features included an interactive whiteboard, an e-notice board, interactive Q&A, plus easy and seamless switching of presentation.

Key benefits of the VEOS solution

  • Installation time was 29 days for all 728 rooms, rather than 6 months of a conventional wired solution.
  • Cost was a fraction of a comparable conventional system – circa 90% less.
  • There is a remote asset management system saving time and manpower resources on checking lamp life etc.
  • VEOS is a green solution as there is minimal cabling, no VGAs, matrix switchers, touch panels, resolution scalers, and projectors can be turned on and off remotely.
  • Teaching staff can rely on their laptop to control the projectors (on/off, volume), lighting and curtains.
  • Presentations are easy to set up and easy to switch to others.
  • Software is upgradeable remotely, creating further savings on cost and manpower time.